"It sure is cold. Wear this!"

"But I’m already wearing a coat…"

my half kitsune (because why not) monk

Dragons are neat! Gotta practice drawing them more.

She collects electricity through the spikes on her back during thunderstorms. Or something. I’m still thinking about it.

biting and goring things is pretty fun

My barbarian again…which ended up looking way too similar to one of my other OCs, whoops!

Today is my birthday and this game is one of the gifts my cousin got me!

Apparently there are more presents, but I’m not getting them until later. :>

More cool artbooks I have!

I recommend checking them out. :>

Tharja’s pose is ridiculous lol

Looks pretty though!

Finally took out my camera, so pictures happened, yay!

I don’t really feel the urge to buy figures, but there are exceptions!